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www.websitesworld.com is the world's No.1 web portal and the largest comprehensive Internet platform, providing one-stop multi-functional services to netizens from all over the world in different languages. We sincerely invite any venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and people with lofty ideals who are interested in the world's new economy to start a business together. 
During this announcement period, our promised investment returns are as follows: For any investment you make in us, once our Internet platform is listed on any major stock exchange around the world, we will give you a guaranteed investment return of at least 50 times (including principal and taxes). This is, based on the opening price of our securities on the first tradable day of your stocks, the market value of your shares is less than 50 times of the principal you invested, and the shares held by our founding team will be distributed to you to ensure that you have a 50 times guaranteed return (including principal and taxes). If the market value of your shares reaches 100 times your investment on that day, you will have a return of 100 times (including principal and taxes). Investors can invest any amount of money into our Internet platform based on their own financial capabilities. Once there is a sufficient capital raise, our platform will immediately seek to list its securities on a major global stock exchange.
We have all witnessed the high returns from investing in the world's top ten Internet companies. Although the world economy has now entered a period of recession, the market values of some of the world's largest internet companies are still rising, and have entered the two trillion US dollar market value mark. We expect the market value of www.websitesworld.com to reach US$1 trillion after its listing. 

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